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About us


This is a story about 2 Moms living ordinary lives devoted to their husbands and kids and the tight schedules of everyday life.

It’s a story of 2 Moms that refuse to let go of their love for creativity, fashion and making pretty things because that keeps the balance between ordinary life and their creative sides alive.

It’s a story about designing and making pretty things to share what we love with everybody else. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a hat, earrings or a bangle every item was made with our love, hearts and hands.

It’s a story about seasonal changes as our hearts and creativity change, and will each change in our designs and range define what we love and where we are heading with our journey.

It’s a story about 2 Moms enjoying the journey of our lives sharing each chapter with those who loves our stuff.

It’s a story about Fjiet Fjieuw Fancy....this is us.



Fjiet Fjieuw is classic jewellery with a hint of vintage and simplicity. This bohemian collection of earrings and bracelets will certainly add a little magic to your ensemble. Every item is hand crafted from seed beads, sterling silver, cotton, and semi-precious stones like red tiger’s eye, freshwater pearls, labrodorite and onyx.



Dirk van Maarleveld is a renowned jeweller based in the Middelburg, Mpumalanga area. I design and create beautiful jewellery that delights people and enables you to give a unique gift that matters.